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Sherpa Testimonials

I highly recommend the Sherpa Guide!

I’m in some leagues whose categories are not the typical 5x5 ones, and the nice thing about the Sherpa product is that I can input each league’s categories and get customized draft rankings based on those unique categories.  What an advantage over other team owners who rely on the basic rankings offered by just about everyone else!  Last year I won a very tough league for the first time following the unexpected nuggets I gleaned from the Sherpa rankings.  They led me to some very outstanding value picks!  Sherpa is also great with 5x5 leagues, probably because of superior forecasting and his formulas for rating Position Scarcity.  A great product that I gladly paid for!

When you have the Sherpa as your Guide, it is not just for the draft.  Throughout the season I’ll also be looking forward to coming back to the website to use the Roster Analyzer and the Trade/Free Agent Evaluator, along with the In-season Updates to the Player Projections and Rankings.  The Sherpa also writes a very interesting blog.  He’s a heckuva Guide!

- JT from Tennessee


The Sherpa is an analytical genius, a statistical guru, a great predictor of future results, and a true and accurate champion for the sport of baseball.

How do I know this?  In September 2007 I climbed 17 points in my 15 team 5x5 league.  We went from 9th to 3rd in the final three and a half weeks and missed second place by just one point.  I owe it all to utilizing the Sherpa’s high probability program.  In years past I’ve tried many other advisors, but none know the numbers like the Sherpa!

The Sherpa absolutely understands the fantasy game and what needs to be done to win!  This owner is one highly satisfied Sherpa client.”

-The Boys of Summer